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Anaesthetic Fees

Your anaesthetist is a Specialist doctor who has undergone many additional years of training after their initial Medical degree to specialise in the area of Anaesthesia.  All our Anaesthetists practice independently and as such have their own fee schedules.

Anaesthetic fees are separate from any fees you have with your Surgeon or facility and are paid direct to your Anaesthetist.  Fees will vary depending on the type and complexity of your procedure, whether you have Private Health cover and the level of cover you have, or whether you are electing to self-fund private care. 

If you have private Health cover the gap can vary depending on who you are insured with.   Most health funds offer a known gap billing facility helping to reduce out of pocket fees.  NIB and a couple of other funds do not offer this option and patients insured with these funds will be required to pay the full cost of their anaesthetic fee rather than just a gap fee.  Larger procedures of lengthy time frames will also incur a full fee rather than a gap fee due to the increased complexity and time of the procedure. 

The ASA (Australian Society of Anaesthetists) has an information sheet for patients regarding rebates for anaesthesia services along with other helpful information for patients.

ASA Website